May Astro-News: Pioneering A New World – Uranus Enters Aries

“The transits up ahead are no more or less dramatic than they have to be, in order to apply the appropriate restorative treatment. And when our hearts are open to the task, we may find ourselves not only able but eager to engage in the healing, as if a part of our being knew all along that we were born to the task.” – Jessica Murray

UranusUranus the Great Awakener, planet of revolution and liberation, will move from Pisces to Aries on May 27. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, spending about seven years in each sign. The transition from Pisces — the last sign of the zodiac — to Aries — the first sign — represents the beginning of a new 84-year cycle, and the entry into uncharted territory.

Uranian energy is rebellious and innovative, shaking up and breaking up the status quo. Uranus’s motto is “expect the unexpected” — it’s an unpredictable, Tricksterish, disruptive and chaotic force. In a state of chaos, we’re compelled to get creative and experimental; the old approaches no longer apply.

In the words of astrologer Caroline Casey, “Uranus’s force is a lightning bolt, casting illumination wherever it travels.” As Uranus travels through each sign of the zodiac, it illuminates, awakens, shakes up and revolutionizes the areas of life associated with that sign.

Uranus in PiscesPisces: Revolution in Consciousness

Uranus moved into Pisces in March 2003, instigating revolution in the invisible realm of consciousness, energy, Spirit, vision and imagination. Of course, this revolution is an ongoing evolutionary journey, but the past seven years have seen a significant acceleration in these areas.

Science (ruled by Uranus) now verifies what mystics have always taught — that All Is One, that we are all intrinsically, inevitably connected. Researchers like Bruce Lipton, Masaru Emoto and Lynn McTaggart have proven that our thoughts and feelings have an influence on physical matter. Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, and the movies What the Bleep and The Secret, have helped bring these formerly far-out ideas into mainstream consciousness. Energy healing is increasingly accepted by the Western medical establishment as scientific studies validate its benefits.

The gifts of Uranus in Pisces — the awareness that we’re all connected and the compassion that arises from that knowing; the understanding that the invisible realm is real and accessible as an ally and support; the ability to envision a world of peace and plenty; a sense of inner freedom and spiritual connection — can help carry us through this next phase. Because when Uranus enters Aries, we enter uncharted territory, and the awakened consciousness and inner power we’ve been cultivating will be put to the test.

AriesUranus in Aries: Embracing the New

“Let my history then / be a gate unfastened to a new life / and not a barrier / to my becoming.” – David Whyte, from “Yorkshire”

When a planet moves into Aries, everything is new
. It’s a rebirth. There is no pre-existing map for the territory we’re about to enter. We can’t possibly plan ahead, so we have to trust our instincts to find our way forward.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the Pioneer, the Leader, the Warrior, and the Fool. Uranus in Aries awakens these archetypes in all of us, as we each are called to navigate circumstances that are not only new and unpredictable, but likely to be chaotic and weirder than we can imagine. It’s time to activate the Aries resources of courage, leadership, independence, innovation, honesty and authenticity, and to free ourselves from the Aries shadow expressions of aggression, egocentrism, impatience and judgment.

Uranus in Aries is a potentially volatile combination. In our personal lives, we can watch out for  throwing anger at others instead of taking responsibility for ourselves, and picking petty fights rather than channeling outrage into positive outlets for transforming the world. We’ll have to navigate the balance between being independent and taking care of ourselves, while asking for help when we need it and offering support to people in need rather than judging them.

Uranus in Aries is part of the rare planetary configuration known as the “Cardinal Cross of 2010-2014,” which kicks into high gear in June. The essence of this transit can be summed up in the question: Will humanity reclaim its power and reverse the current course toward planetary destruction? On an individual level: Will each of us reclaim our power, and take responsibility for creating a peaceful and sustainable world?

“Optimally used,” writes astrologer Jessica Murray, “Uranus in Aries will provide the people of the world with the courage to shake off whatever political, economic and social circumstances that have grown oppressive. Many will feel the impulse to assert (Aries) their vision of democracy (Uranus) rather than just talk and argue about it. Pluto will provide the life-or-death circumstances that make this a requirement.”

To start, we’ll just be getting a taste of Uranus in Aries — from May 27 to August 13 — then Uranus will Retrograde back into Pisces for about another seven months. Uranus will re-enter Aries in March of 2011 and remain there until 2019.

During these final (for now) weeks of Uranus in Pisces, review your personal revolution in consciousness over the past seven years. How has your awareness grown and expanded? How do you embody this awakening in your daily life? What illusions and addictions (the shadow of Pisces) have you freed yourself from? Are you ready to bring your inner growth out into the world in a bigger and braver way?

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6 Responses to May Astro-News: Pioneering A New World – Uranus Enters Aries

  1. Fiona Campbell says:

    Just read your article and found it very helpful. Positive and hopeful. Last seven years have been pretty horrible. Though I’ve continued to try to do my best for others, this didn’t seem to be reciprocated, and life has been an almost daily struggle.
    If Uranus in Pisces can throw any light on this, I’d be grateful for knowing, and thereby having a better understanding. Can you help by directing me to that info please? I am a 63 year old Virgo, and promise you this is a very serious query. I am mentally 25, with all the curiosity that implies, but the last two years have made me feel physically closer to my real age, and I’d sooner that did not continue! (No major illnesses, just mentally, and emotionally, worn down)

    • virgomagic says:

      hi Fiona,

      Thank you so much for reading my post, and I’m glad you found it helpful. Without looking at your actual birth chart, I can only reply in a more general way to your questions.

      During Uranus’s time in Pisces, it was traveling opposite your Virgo Sun for 2 of those years – which tends to be a disruptive, chaotic, destabilizing and, ideally, liberating and transformational influence. Uranus transits to the Sun bring opportunities for freeing yourself from old, outgrown ideas of who you are, a time for becoming more authentically yourself. The opposition from Uranus can feel like this change is coming from the outside — that outside influences (other people or situations in your life) are compelling you to change — but you are really attracting these situations and people because you are ready to grow.

      Another big influence for Virgos has been Saturn in Virgo – which started in September 2007. As Saturn has conjoined with your Virgo Sun (which only happens every 29 years), you are completing one 29-year cycle and beginning a new one — a death and rebirth. You wrote “the last two years have made me feel physically closer to my real age” – a very Saturnian experience! Saturn is Father Time, ruling age and mortality, the limits of physical reality. When you are having a big Saturn transit (and Saturn conjunct the Sun is huge), you feel your limits as an earth-bound body, and generally can’t “get away with” not taking care of yourself (diet, exercise, etc.) — you have to clean up your self-care habits and be more disciplined in your daily routines.

      There are many gifts to Saturn’s influence — ideally, you come out of this transit stronger than before, with better habits in place. The awareness of mortality helps you to get serious about what you want to do with your limited time on the planet — are you using all your skills and talents? Are you serving to your highest capacity? Are you living each moment as if it were your last?

      Saturn will be out of Virgo in July, and that should ease some pressure that you’re feeling. But — it might be helpful to get an actual astro-reading to get insight into what’s going on specifically for you, and to identify the resources that are available to support you during this time.

      I wish you freedom from struggle, Fiona! all the best, Emily

  2. Gail says:

    I think I’m kind of excited about Uranus in Aries! Being an Aquarian, (with dual rulers,Saturn and Uranus) I sort of feel like I’m always in a wrestling match with wanting to go for innovation and cautious about jumping in feet first! I also feel like there is some HUGE, wonderful thing waiting to happen in my life, and it’s just around the corner. In the last few years I have done a lot of soul searching, got rid of negative influences in my life, and have begun to move forward (it seems at a snail”s pace!) but I can also feel the energy beginning to accelerate. I have been in food service for 23 years, most recently with assisted living facilities and it rather difficult to please the residents. I am trying to start a different business, because I feel the time is right and I need to do something different (for my own sanity). Uranus in Aries just might help me along.

  3. virgomagic says:

    hi Gail,

    Thanks so much for reading my blog, and I love hearing about your excitement! It sounds like you’re ready to fly with this Uranian energy, which I think is the perfect mindset in these times. Best of luck to you in starting a new direction in your work! Emily

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  5. Rhea Wolf says:

    You rock Emily. Your astro-wisdom is just the medicine we need! Thanks for your continuing commitment to decoding the symbols of the universe in practical, action-oriented language.

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